Bethan Land

Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee

Life can be challenging, and you can be certain that I am here to listen and help you in navigating your unique route to overcome the barriers and hardships that life has thrown your way. My therapeutic style is centered around a depth orientation, which means we will explore the layers of your thoughts, emotions, and experiences, allowing us to uncover insights that can lead to profound healing.

I am open and creative by nature, and even though I often use an eclectic blend of depth psychology, mindfulness, expressive art making, and somatic experience, I am here to support you in a way that feels most authentic to you. Whether you are troubled by anxiety, depression, grief, life transitions, past traumas, or relationship problems, your well-being is of great importance to me. On this path, you are not alone; I am here to walk beside you. Together, we can create a space where your healing unfolds at a pace that feels right.

Bethan Land (626) 708-2353