About Us

The Place Within has been serving the counseling and mental health needs of Monrovia and the San Gabriel Valley for more than 25 years. Founded in 1988 by licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, we serve our community in two significant ways.

1. We offer high quality, affordable individual and family counseling to the diverse members of our geographical area.

2. As a Marriage and Family Therapist training organization, we recruit and mentor a racially and ethnically varied group of talented counselors, offering them a rich program of traditional and complimentary theories, concepts, values, practices, and techniques.

At The Place Within we have chosen not to seek or accept funding from government sources. Our money comes from people who request our services and private donations, allowing our clients and their therapists the ability to make all decisions about their counseling with no outside restrictions. If you are interested in helping us further our mission through a monetary donation, please contact the Executive Director at NatashaMorisawa@ThePlaceWithin.org.

(626) 359-4330